Currently an increasing number of companies encounter the consequences of debt obligation default. As well as other professionals of the debt market we are exhausted to witness long time struggles between creditors among themselves and with borrowers for value loosing assets. Our and our clients’ experience show that trustworthy financial partner involvement into restructuring process allows to preserve working capital and borrowers’ reputation, significantly accelerate partial debt redemption by creditors and to retain banks’ reserves.

Our core products

  1. Purchase of claiming rights to the borrower, both in cash and through using highly reliable bank promissory notes as a mean of payment;
  2. Companies' working capital financing that restarts production on the basis of assets received during the debt recovery.

Our analytical Department assesses the company's ability to service debt load meanwhile the partnership with major Russian banks provides the opportunity to ensure fulfillment of borrower’s conditional liabilities to creditors within  the restructuring agreements.

Our interest is not limited to borrower’s analysis services, negotiations with creditors neither to legal claim restructuring. In most cases we expect that borrower will be able to realize its development plans after its financial recovery with the help of our mezzanine financing and direct investment programs.

We do not finance war

We are the ones who know how to finish it! Please feel free to contact us in any situation, even including conflicts. We are eager to share our expertise and to offer the baseline restructuring that will let you withdraw your project from the doubtful condition. Confidentiality is our priority.

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