HI Capital Fund was established in 2011 as a global private mezzanine investment Fund.

Currently we are the only mezzanine fund in Russia. Although many banks and PE funds try to execute such deals, our team is the most experienced one. In 2011 the Fund exited the first investment ensuring profitability of over 40% (IRR). At the moment we funded about 18 projects for a total amount of more than USD 1 bn with a target yield of 20-25% (IRR).

Each month we carry out the expertise of about 30 potential deals and select the ones with the highest quality. In selecting potential deals, we give an advantage to the safety and quality of our investments. It is also important for us to acknowledge and understand the risks of each company, and how we can minimize them through appropriate deal structuring, pledge of the companies’ shares, suretyships of beneficiary owners and in some cases pledge of the liquid assets.

Three attractive investment opportunities

Индивиделаьный подход Hi Capital

1. Tailored approach

HI Capital Fund looks for investment opportunities for individual investors according to the jointly developed investment strategy.

Funding of each potential deal will go through SPV to be created in some offshore zone and 100% owned by investor.

Fund HI Capital, acting as an investment adviser, takes on all issues related to the structuring and implementation of each transaction.

Соинвестирование Hi Capital

2. Co-investing

We offer an investor to create joint SPV in one of attractive offshore zones. Together we will provide financing for potential deals and share all risks.

Regardless of the outcome the minimum rate of return for an investor will be 5% p.a. in USD, secured by a bank guarantee of one of the leading Russian banks.

Традиционный подход Hi Capital

3. Traditional approach

This approach implies generally acceptable GP/LP structure

  • when fund is established in some attractive offshore zone
  • managed by General Partners
  • Fund’s relations with Limited Partners will be regulated by shareholders’ agreement and Russian company will act as a local investment advisor, taking on originating, structuring and execution of the deals.
Our relations with investors we ground on openness and mutual benefits.