Family office

Hi Capital Fund provides services of investment of client’s resources in the most suitable companies for the customer.

Due to mezzanine financing particularity, we are eager to offer a wide range of investment possibilities with various risks and return ratio:

  • Fund's portfolio co-financing;
  • Options for selected Hi Capital projects co-financing either direct investments or loan funds provision;
  • Target search for projects basing on clients preferred profile.

Hi Capital Fund is able to offer external ROI guarantees through efficient collaboration with credit establishment.

Hi Capital cooperation benefits

  • Efficient analysis. Every year an experienced team of managers, analysts and lawyers considers more than 300 projects and submits for investors’ consideration more than 50 projects. As a result our team has an extremely successful track-record;
  • Cost-effectiveness and convenience. It is economically advantageous to cooperate with the Fund than to possess your own management team. Fund’s monthly and quarterly reports enable you to keep both selected projects and entire investment portfolio under control;
  • Large selection. Fund provides its clients with huge investment opportunities reviewing annually hundreds of projects from different fields of economy.

As of today we attract clients with initial contribution starting from 300 M. In nearest future we will be offering more flexible portfolio co-financing opportunities.

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